Monday, 27 May 2024
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Geological, Hydrogeological and Geophysical Surveys

geoLYSIS provides a wide range of services covering the design, implementation, interpretation and evaluation of Geological, Hydrogeological and Geophysical services in relation to:

  • Geological, Engineering Geology & Soil Dynamic Surveys:
    - Highway and Railway Schemes (embakments, excavations, bridges, tunnels etc)
    - Building Contruction Schemes (foundations, soil retaining methods etc)
    - Water Management Schemes (dams, water reservoirs, water trasportation tunnels, water pipes, flood defences etc)
    - Underground Excavation Schemes (tunnels, foundations, soil retaining methods etc)
    - Slope Analysis and Landslide Remediation Schemes
  • Geological Surveys for Planning Building Schemes
  • Hydrogeological Surveys for Managing Surface and Ground Water
  • Planning, Supervision and Construction of Hydro Borehole Drilling
  • Geophysical Surveys for determing Underground Soil Models
  • Development of Geographical Information Systems(G.I.S)